aviaworx Releases aviaFlyByWire for MSFS - aviaworx, Microsoft Flight Simulator

aviaworx Releases aviaFlyByWire for MSFS

aviaFlyByWire is a new add-on developed by aviaworx. It improves the unrealistic behaviour of some aircraft in the Microsoft Flight Simulator. According to the developer, it makes manual flight easy, intuitive and smooth.

aviaFlyByWire intercepts the inputs you’re making with your joystick or yoke and redirects them to a flight control loop. This control loop interprets this data and uses it to command roll and pitches rate. It also calculates aileron and elevator surface positions and sends those to the aircraft. According to the developer, it is very similar to the system found on real-life airliners.

It works with most aircraft available for Microsoft Flight Simulator or those that don’t have their own control loops.

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You can test aviaFlyByWire before buying it. To test it you need to download the aviaServer here, assign a key for it and you can try it without time limitations in the area of Salzburg. It is available for Prepar3D, Flight Simulator X and Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developers have also made a presentation video:

If you wish to purchase this add-on you can on simMarket or the Aerosoft Shop for approximately 13€.

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