Aviotek Simulations Releases Augmented Terrain Profile Editor for X-Plane 11

Aviotek Simulation Software, a well-known X-Plane 11 scenery developer, has recently released a piece of software that will be for sure welcomed by other scenery developers within the community. Titled as Augmented Terrain Profile Editor, the software offers developers a better interface to develop custom mesh for their sceneries.

Augmented Terrain Profile Editor is the ultimate professional solution for terrain editing, made for fellow developers.

Product description – Aviotek Simulations Software

The application can do up to 8cm details, and as the developer wrote, is ideal for sloped runways, tunnels, underground parts, and hills/mountains modifications. The tool is optimized for X-Plane 11 and the developers have already tested it with their existing sceneries covering the airports in Venice and Frankfurt, with great results.

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The software is, as of today, proprietary and so cannot be purchased or downloaded directly. If you are a developer and want to use it, you will need to reach out to Aviotek Simulation Software through their website.

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