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Axonos and Boundless Releases Freeware Donegal Airport Sceneries (XP11)

Axonos and Boundless, both being well-known scenery development studios, have released in the past few days their renditions of Donegal Airport (EIDL) for X-Plane 11. Whilst Boundless’s rendition was originally meant to be freeware, Axonos’ rendition was originally planned to be released as a payware.

Plans changed when Axonos noticed that Boundless is releasing their rendition of the airport within the same weekend as they were planning, and as freeware. Following that statement from Boundless, Axonos announced, that their rendition will be released as freeware as well.

In response to Boundless’ announcement, we have decided to make our rendition freeware. (Yay!!) The scenery will be available for download in our discord.

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1nnocent – Axonos Discord Server

While Boundless improved the already available scenery of the airport made by one of the community members, Axonos developed the scenery from scratch.

The Boundless rendition of the airport can be downloaded through the developer’s website. The Axonos rendition, on the other hand, can be downloaded through their Discord server.

Donegal Airport (EIDL) is a small airport located in County Donegal, Ireland. The airport is operating one runway and annually serves over 45,000 passengers with routes to Dublin and Glasgow. There is also a large gas field in the area connected to the airport with helicopter flights.

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The scenery from Boundless is always on the left side while the scenery from Axonos is on the right side.

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