2.5.2020 – 12:21z

Axonos (JustAsia) to release Casablanca in a few hours (XP11)

UPDATED (2.5. – 14:39): The rebranding has been confirmed. JustAsia is now Axonos from today.

Axonos, formerly known as JustAsia, has today announced via their Facebook page, that their rendition of Mohammed V International Airport for X-Plane 11 is coming soon, to be exact, in few hours. Mohammed V International Airport (GMMN) is the busiest airport in the Morocco with over 8 million passengers in 2015.

JustAsia has been planning to rebrand for some time now, but it seems like today is the day. We are still waiting for an official statement from JustAsia to make sure. After changing the name, there has been a logo updated on the Facebook page with #ANewBeginning.

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It has been made clear in the past, that Axonos is planning to develop airport beyond Asia, which is probably the reason for rebranding to Axonos from JustAsia. Casablanca scenery should serve as a teaser for the upcoming greater airports to be developed by Axonos.

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