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Axonos Publishes 2021 Roadmap and Previews Perth for MSFS

Scenery development team Axonos has recently shared some exciting news in regards to their future developments for X-Plane 11 and Microsoft Flight Simulator, by publishing their 2021 roadmap, as well as previewing Perth for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Their roadmap covers all sceneries they aim to release in 2021, which is a large amount of sceneries spread all around the world. Amongst the list of airports, we also see plans from Axonos to release landmark packages for various cities around the world, including Gold Coast, Casablanca, and Paris.

Axonos 2021 Roadmap

Planned X-Plane 11 sceneries

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  • KPSP Palm Springs International airport
  • YBCG Gold Coast Airport
  • NZQN Queenstown Airport 
  • LPPD João Paulo II Airport ( Part of São Miguel Island package) 
  • YMML Melbourne Airport
  • KLGA LaGuardia Airport
  • EGPF Glasgow Airport
  • OTHH Hamad International Airport

Planned Microsoft Flight Simulator sceneries

  • YPPH Perth International Airport
  • KMEM Memphis International Airport
  • KJAC Jackson Hole Airport
  • KPSP Palm Springs International Airport
  • YBCG Gold Coast Airport

Planned landmark packages for X-Plane 11 and MSFS in partnership with Prealsoft 

  • Gold Coast City Landmark Package (X-Plane 11 and MFS2020)
  • Casablanca Landmark Package (X-Plane 11) 
  • Paris Landmark Package (X-Plane 11) 

Amongst the 2021 roadmap announcement, Axonos also recently published previews of their Perth Airport (YPPH) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator, an ongoing endeavour since the release of the X-Plane 11 version

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There has been no published release date or price or Perth Airport (YPPH) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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