Axonos Releases KMEM for X-Plane 11

X-Plane 11 scenery developer Axonos today brings yet another scenery for X-Plane 11, this time it is Memphis International Airport (KMEM), the home base for large cargo airline FedEx Express.

The scenery combines X-Plane 11’s latest technologies to bring a performance friendly detailed rendition of the airport. Features include SAM jetway and ground traffic support, custom HDR night lighting, over 200 custom objects around the airport, detailed 3D modelling and texturing, custom underground highways, and compatibility with JustFlight Traffic Global as well as World Traffic 3.

The scenery can be purchased on the Axonos store here for approximately €20.49.

Axonos’s development efforts for Memphis have been very quiet over the recent months, the scenery has been in development since 2020 and the very first public announcement on Memphis was just over a week ago. As well as Axonos, Nimbus simulation have also announced development for Memphis in X-Plane. No teasers have since been shown of their efforts, only the information that it will be releasing in June this year.

Memphis International Airport is located in Tennessee in the United States, the airport has a complex history, first being used as a small airport with an unpaved runway and some hangars but over decades has been built into a huge cargo hub for cargo airline FedEx Express. Despite being mainly a cargo airport, Memphis does see some passenger traffic from major U.S airlines like American Airlines and Delta Airlines.


  • SAM Jetways & ground traffic
  • Stunning custom HDR night lighting
  • Over 200+ custom objects placed around the airport
  • Detailed 3D modelling and texturing
  • Custom underground highways tunnels
  • Compatible with Justflight traffic and World Traffic 3
  • 3D grass & custom landscape 
  • Highly optimised and fps friendly 
  • 4k utilised textures on all notable structures
  • Custom ground traffic (Cars & commercial aviation equipment) 

Author: Liam

Hi! My name is Liam, I am from Australia, I have been flight simming for around 5 years, mainly with X-Plane 11. I joined FSNews in October 2020 and I am excited to keep all of you informed on the latest flight sim news!

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