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Backwood Studios Releases Glenswinton Aerodrome for MSFS

Orbx took to their X (formerly Twitter) page to announce the release of Backwood Studios’ rendition of Glenswinton Aerodrome for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer, who primarily makes similar airstrips aimed towards bush flying, has released their fifth-ever product for the platform.

About Glenswinton Aerodrome

Glenswintion Aerodrome is a small, private airstrip located in the beautiful UK countryside and caters to all sorts of recreational and light aircraft flying. The aerodrome originally served as a military installation during World War 1 and played a crucial role in the war. Over its vast and long-running history, Glenswinton has witnessed numerous aviation milestones such as the golden age of biplanes, the jet age, and the modern era of sleek high-performance aircraft. Today, unfortunately, the property is the site of a logging operation.

Key Features

Backwood Studios’ Glenswinton Aerodrome has been brought to life in breathtaking detail. The aerodrome rendition features custom-modeled buildings, animated people and farm life, hand-built dirt roads throughout the property, and custom forestry to reflect accurate satellite imagery. Further features include a real-world sloping runway, custom night lighting, stonewall fencing throughout the airfield, and custom-modeled 3D props and static objects.

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Closing Notes

Backwood Studios’ Glenswinton Aerodrome is available to purchase on the Orxb Direct Store and retails for AUD 7.49 exclusive of taxes. As with any other Orbx store product, their Orbx Central desktop application is required for installation and management of the scenery. For more flight sim-related news, announcements, releases, and more, do read our other articles on FSNews.

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