10.12.2022 – 21:28z

Bergen Airport for MSFS by RDPresets Released

The developers at RDPresets have today released a new scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator; this time, they went to cold Norway, specifically Bergen Flesland Airport (ENBR), arriving from warm Girona in Spain.

The scenery features a completely recreated terminal interior with 3D passengers, more than a thousand objects on the apron and surrounding areas, or a realistic, and primarily functional, VDGS system for easier parking.

What’s more, RDPresets also featured accurate night lighting which will come in handy, especially at this time of the year, and custom ground textures that faithfully recreate the asphalt differences accurately to the real airport.

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It’s important to note that the scenery does not only cover the airport itself, but also the surrounding area. The feature list does not unfortunately say anything about landmarks in the airport’s vicinity. Nonetheless, the scenery should be perfectly optimized.

Bergen Flesland Airport is an international airport located south of the city of Bergen on the western coast of Norway. The airport sees regular traffic throughout the year with aircraft like the Boeing 737, Airbus A320, the E-Jets, or the Dash-8 for regional flights. For the helicopter pilots between us, the airport is also home to local helicopter operators flying to the offshore oil platforms.

You can purchase the scenery through the RDPresets’ website for €19,99.

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