30.3.2020 – 12:42z

BetterPushback for XP11 updated to v0.48

A well-known utility plugin adding pushback option to X-Plane 11, BetterPushback, has been today updated to version 0.48. The new version should be compatible with Vulkan and Metal update, meaning X-Plane 11.50 and higher.

Also, a huge improvement is, that the developer has implemented asynchronous tug loading, meaning, that the tug will not lag the simulator when starting pushback, but it will load in the background.

The plugin can be downloaded via GitHub here. You only need to download the BetterPushback.zip file.

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  • Rewrote path rendering to add support for Vulkan and Metal rendering in X-Plane 11.50
  • Asynchronous tug loading – starting pushback will no longer lag the simulator as BetterPushback is loading in the tug model. Instead, the load will happen invisibly in the background.


  • Implemented workaround for when X-Plane returns inverted-Y coordinate at certain sceneries using custom terminal buildings with inverted normals on the roof.

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