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BeyondATC for MSFS Releases to the Public

The revolutionary ATC replacement product for MSFS by the BeyondATC team has finally been released out of its closed beta and is available to the general public!

A total rework of Air Traffic Control in MSFS, BeyondATC is a revolutionary add-on for MSFS and flight simulation as a whole. The product aims to replace the native MSFS ATC system with a highly customizable and optimized alternative. Most critically, BeyondATC utilizes deep-learning voice recognition and synthesis to allow users to interact with the program using just their voices.

This product has been released in an Early Access state. However, support for full IFR coverage around most of the globe, 250+ regionally accentuated voices, realistic FAA and ICAO phraseology, and more have been packaged into this early access launch. The release also includes full Simbrief Integration, which ensures adjustments to approaches, SIDs, STARs, and runways are accurate to current weather conditions.

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FSNews has heavily covered the development and release of this exciting product. Our most recent BeyondATC coverage discussed its upcoming release, which would lack traffic. The full list of features currently under development and excluded from this initial release is shown below:

  • Traffic Injection and Control
  • VFR Flights
  • Emergency and Oceanic Procedures
  • VR Interface

It’s important to note that while these features are not included in the current release, they will be included in a future update at no cost to the user. BeyondATC can be purchased for $30 by clicking here and following the launcher instructions. Stay tuned to FSNews as future updates are released, and keep an eye on our dedicated MSFS news page.

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