25.9.2021 – 09:07z

BiologicalNanobot Releases Enhanced Skyscapes for XP11

BiologicalNanobot, a small developer, responsible for the freeware volumetric clouds add-on Enhanced Cloudscapes, has recently released their new, payware, add-on called Enhanced Skyscapes, which fully replaces the previous freeware add-on.

The add-on is now available in the ThresholdX store for approximately €12.80. It is a visual add-on that replaces the default sky with a realistic procedural shader-based one and also includes fully volumetric clouds. Enhanced Skyscapes works with weather engine add-ons like ActiveSky or FSGRW.

The add-on requires Windows to run, therefore it is not available on macOS and Linux distributions.

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Before you consider purchasing, you can also try a 20-minute demo, which is offered by the developer to test out if the add-on works well for you or not.

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