Blackbird Cancels ATR for MSFS Indefinitely

The team at Blackbird, formerly known as Milviz, has issued a press release on their Facebook page saying that they are putting the development of their rendition of the ATR on hold temporarily. The developer has previously previewed this aircraft in its rebranding announcement.

The developers stated three reasons why they have put the project aside. The first one is that Hans Hartman and Asobo are currently working on ATRs for Microsoft Flight Simulator. According to Blackbird, they would never be able to compete in the same space, no matter what their price would be Asobo could beat it.

The second reason is related to the first one, they don’t want to spend another year working on this project because it would have cost a fair amount of money that they would never recover with the sales of the aircraft.

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They also had to redo their whole 3D model because they weren’t satisfied with the first one. According to them, painting the new model would have cost around 30 thousand dollars and taken four to six months.

The team said that they will reassess their decision when Asobo’s and Hans Hartmann’s rendition comes out. To learn more about Blackbird, I suggest you have a look at my other article here. Do you think that it is the right decision?

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