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BlueBird Simulations Shares New Information On the 757

CEO of BlueBird Simulations has recently taken to their Youtube channel to preview the 757 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which they aim to release by the end of this year or the beginning of 2024. In this update, he is talking about the development of the aeroplane, what are the plans ahead and possibly a new project in cooperation with Just Flight.

Progress on the Boeing 757

Firstly, Sherman, the CEO of BlueBird Simulations spoke about the progress done on their Boeing 757 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Sherman mentioned that last week the team captured over 2000 pictures of the real airframe, together with some exterior sounds to create as realistic immersion as possible. Currently, over 40 people are testing the aeroplane in its alpha stage.

Even though BlueBird isn’t aiming to bring a study-level aeroplane to the simulator with all possible failures modelled, they want to create an A-to-B plane that is going to withstand any casual flights, either offline or on an online network.

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Something about the 767

In this case, the 767 was also photo-documented and the team measured its cockpit and cabin to recreate it in the simulator as accurately as possible. This also included a sound-recording session, however, there are still more sounds to be recorded on the 767, as BlueBird’s focus is the Boeing 757 now.

Unfortunately for the 767 fans, there is going to be more news available to the public once the 757 is released.

A New Project Teased?

Together with the photo documentation session of the 767, Sherman got a unique opportunity to take over 2000 pictures of another plane that is a good candidate for an upcoming project. Unfortunately, BlueBird’s CEO didn’t want to share what kind of aeroplane this is, however, it seems to be quite unique and it might be another vintage jet, as BlueBird Simulations aims to work on it with Just Flight.

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