BSS, a shortage for Blue Sky Star Simulations, has yesterday posted a development update regarding an update of the CFM engine sound pack for ToLiss, IAE engine sound pack for ToLiss and the new NEO engine sound packs.

Let’s start with the CFM engine sound pack for ToLiss A319, which will be free for current owners. BSS mentioned in the post, that it should get released within days. The new update features, for example, improved vibrations during descend, takeoff and taxi; new fuel pumps sound or more airline announcements. The changelog can be seen below, but please keep in mind, that it’s not the final version:


  • New fuel pumps sound, better, pronounced, especially mid flight
  • Improved airflow sounds, cabin wind sound, door crack whistle sounds- Smart cockpit wind sound, will gain through thick masses of air and will become less noise on high altitudes with less air
  • Improved bass vibration on low N1 and during descend.- Improved passengers sound and more airlines option.
  • Recirculation fan sounds,- Improved avionics, rectifiers, transformers and equipment sounds
  • Improved taxi bumps, take off vibration
  • Improved gear mechanisms sounds with pressure sounds and improved gear door lock
  • Improved behaviour of engine fans sounds depending on angle and ground proximity with ground thounder and clean saw when clear from ground effect and different angle off attack.
  • Improved outside engine sounds for CFM- Other outside sounds improved
  • Added an ambience airport sound when outside the aircraft

IAE engine sound pack

BSS also mentioned the ToLiss A319 IAE engine sound pack. The new sound pack will include three IAE engine variants:

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  • V2522-A5
  • V2524-A5
  • V2527M-A5

The new sound pack will cost $14,99 and there will not be a discount for current owners of the CFM sound pack.

In the comment section below the post, BSS confirmed an IAE engine sound pack for FlightFactor A320, which is kind of weird, in my opinion, since FlightFactor does not offer an IAE engine variant for the A320 Ultimate.


The first sentence of the post was: “Do you guys want neo engine options for Toliss and FFA320 too?“. This is kind of surprising since both ToLiss A319 and FlightFactor A320 Ultimate do not offer a NEO version.

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JarDesign A330

As well as confirming IAE engine sound pack for FlightFactor A320 Ultimate, BSS confirmed a new side product for the JarDesign A330, they did not share anything exact.

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