Canada4XPlane Releases Fredericton International Airport (CYFC) for XP11

The developers at Canada4XPlane have taken to social media to announce the release of Fredericton International Airport for X-Plane 11.

Modelled in high detail, they have incorporated custom buildings and assets in and around the airfield. Buildings and taxi lines are rendered in glorious 4K resolution while the ground textures are in 2K. Dynamic lighting, ambient occlusion and optional winter textures are also included.

The airport is brought to life with the inclusion of custom marshallers and an optional static aircraft package. Everything is rendered to be frame rate friendly, depending on the settings applied within X-Plane 11.

Fredericton International Airport, based in Lincoln, New Brunswick, Canada, has two runways and is the second busiest airport in the New Brunswick area. In recent times the airport expanded its terminal size by fifty percent to cope with increasing passenger numbers.

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This addon is available from priced at $17.00.

Main Features

  • 20 Custom buildings (all buildings on the airfield have been modelled)
  • 30+ Custom Assets
  • 2K ground textures
  • 4K taxi lines and ground details
  • Highly detailed terminal/hangar models by J.D
  • 4K building textures
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Optional winter textures
  • Custom marshallers
  • Optional static aircraft package
  • Frame rate friendly LOD (manipulated using the object density slider


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