Captain Sim About Engine Expansions

Captain Sim has today, about two days after releasing the Boeing 767 rendition for Prepar3D, issued a new post via the Captain Sim forums talking about the future plans for the aircraft. The post has started with the Captain Sim saying, that there are no major issues and hotfixes required for the aircraft.

A scheduled update should get released next week. Captain Sim has also finalized their 767 plans. The 767 Base Pack will get another engine, the JT9D. The 767 Freighter Expansion will feature a second engine option, the CF6-80, and the 767-200 Expansion will also feature a second engine, the RB211. The engines for the Freighter Expansion will work with the Base Pack and the opposite. It was not made clear if the engines will be available for free, or as an expansion pack.

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SOURCE: Captain Sim Forums

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