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Captain Sim Introduces New Boeing 777-200LR for MSFS Shortly After Removing the Controversial TIE Fighter

Captain Sim recently announced the release of the Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator on their Facebook page. This comes after the company removed the TIE fighter aircraft from their online store, which they had released a few days prior. The Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner is currently available on the MSFS Marketplace for $19.99.

Boeing 777-200LR for MSFS

According to the feature list, the addon comes with realistic animations, high-resolution textures, a highly detailed and accurate 3D model, and a set of four liveries. Unfortunately, CaptainSim no longer allows freeware liveries, so for any other liveries, you will have to pay. You can read more about how CaptainSim manages to destroy their reputation in the community in our other article here.

Apart from that, the addon features systems of the default 747, at least to an unspecified extent, and a detailed passenger cabin with custom views, including the ones overlooking the wings.

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The Boeing 777-200LR is a long-range, wide-body commercial airliner with a range of up to 8,555 nautical miles, making it a popular choice for airlines operating transatlantic and transpacific routes. It was introduced by Boeing in 2006, with Pakistan International Airlines. Today, 9 airlines operate the 41 Boeing 777-200LRs in service.

TIE Fighter

This release comes shortly after Captain Sim removed the TIE Fighter that they had previously released for Microsoft Flight Simulator for $14.99 on their store.

The TIE Fighter is a fictional spacecraft from the Star Wars franchise and the copyright for it is owned by Lucasfilm and The Walt Disney Company. The community speculates that the removal of the TIE fighter aircraft from the Captain Sim store is due to licensing and copyright dispute issues.

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Captain Sim has not made an official statement about the removal of the TIE fighter from their store. It seems that all the social media and forum posts about the TIE fighter aircraft by Captain Sim have been removed as well. A number of users have taken to Reddit and other flight simulation forums criticizing the launch and subsequent removal of the Captain Sim TIE fighter aircraft.

Captain Sim and the community

The team at Captain Sim has been developing add-ons for flight simulators for quite a long time. Despite the good name they got back in the Prepar3D and FSX days, their recent releases for Microsoft Flight Simulator have been met with a fitting amount of criticism from the community for their quality, usually lacking proper system simulation, and in some cases even virtual cockpits.

Past releases of Boeing airliners by Captain Sim including the 777 variants and the 767 variants have used the systems of the default Asobo Boeing 747-8i, vastly reducing their realism, and causing immersion-breaking artifacts such as the MFD showing N1 readout columns for 4 engines when the 777 and 767 have two engines, the FMC showing the Boeing 747-8 information on the IDENT page instead of the 777 or 767 information and so on.

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If you would like to read more about Captain Sim, check out the release of their Boeing 777-200 and the controversy associated with it.

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