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How Captainsim Manages to Put Itself Into Edge of Oblivion More and More

With the recent release of Captainsim 767-300ER for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the team put itself into more controversy, as they have made a significant decision, changing a lot for current, as well as future Captainsim customers.

Through the Captainsim forums, the development team has announced that they are ditching the idea of free official liveries, that come together with the released aircraft. This decision has been made after 24 years of publishing these official liveries for free by the developer. In addition to that, Captainsim didn’t make the paintkit public. This significantly changes the position of the team towards livery creation.

The official liveries will now come at the cost of 0.99 USD per livery. However, there are still free liveries for the Captainsim 767-300ER available online. In the post, the developer also published a generalizing as well as an insulting image. This image basically describes how every free livery is, somehow, worse.

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The developer also tried to justify the lack of paintkit by saying they are trying to avoid low-quality liveries from third-party painters. This doesn’t make much sense at first thought, as they are many talented painters in the community.

The team gave us six different reasons why they are trying to avoid free liveries, even though all of these issues aren’t present if the repaint is done correctly, by an experienced creator, or, by publishing the paintkit for everyone to use.

By not releasing the paintkit, they are encouraging further to get free liveries of “questionable quality” out of the community. It also means that the development team assured their monopoly in terms of livery creation, as they are the only ones with access to the paintkit.

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Captainsim’s history repeats itself

This isn’t the first time something like this happened to Captainsim, as they already got themselves into trouble circa two years ago. At the time, Flightsim.to had to publish a statement which described that they had to take down all Captainsim 777 liveries from their website. You can read more about this in this article.

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