Captainsim Updates 767 to 0.95

Captainsim has recently released their own rendition of Boeing 767 available for Prepar3D v4 and above, today, the developer updated the aircraft, so there are some new features together with bugfixes.

In this update, the aircraft now supports the wirteless CDU support and you are now able to set the CRT displays refresh rate, if you want. However, this update is mainly focused on the bug fixes. Some of the bugs that this update fixes are for example autopilot bugs, FMC 250/10000 restriction during cruise or issues with reverse thrust default axis mapping has been fixed as well.

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New features:
– Wireless CDU support.
– CRT displays refresh rate easy setup via ACE.
– FMC 250/10000 speed restriction during cruise phase.
– AUTOPILOT annunciation with light, EICAS message and master caution whilst landing in MCP APP mode with the autopilot disconnected.
– The speed tape flaps 1 flap bug settings.
– The yellow maximum maneuvering speed tape should not pass current air speed in the initial climbout.
– GROSS WT and SPEED display on INIT REF and APPROACH REF pages.
– FMC random payload.
– The inboard ailerons retract to 5 at all flap settings between 25 and 30.
– Pump C2 supposed to stay off during the first engine start.
– Slats position animation improved.
– Taxi/landing lights intensity reduced.
– Daytime red/green navlights improved.
– Homepit EICAS refreshing issue.
– Extra conditions for spoilers 4,5,8,9 added.
– Reverse Thrust default P3D axis mapping.

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Photo: Jakub G.

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