It’s already five days since Carenado Fokker 50 got released, and today, Carenado released the first update for this aircraft. This is not a minor update, but it still features few interesting fixes, which can be seen below.

If you own the Fokker 50 by Carenado, you can download the update from your profile page on Carenado website. Make sure to uninstall the previous versions before installing this update.

Carenado F50 v1.1 Update - Carenado, X-Plane

Features List

-Fixed Master Warning logic and sounds for FIRE and SMOKE tests. 
-Fixed TO CONFIG TEST annunciator on CAP. 
-Corrections to the FMA.
-Autopilot adjustments.
-Implemented Gust Lock (beneath pilot’s right arm rest, pedestal left side) handle.
-Fixed altitude Selector knob sound.
-Texture fixes.
-Minor bug fixes.

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