Carenado Releases C170B for MSFS

Carenado has been pushing out many releases recently for Microsoft Flight Simulator, so it comes as no surprise that the developers have announced, through social media, the release of another, the C170B.

Featuring the regular and tundra models, the C170B also includes a KT76A transponder, Garmin Aera GPS, and comes with optional start-up options whether from cold and dark to ready for take-off. The aircraft is modeled using PBR textures and materials using industry-standard software.

Also features sound effects of engine noise and wind when windows or doors are opened, with HQ digital stereo sounds recorded from a real aircraft. Flight dynamics claim to be realistic, and the developers have, as is usual with many of their aircraft, added a tablet interface to control static elements, pilots, doors, and starting options as noted above.

The C170B is available in the Microsoft Marketplace, priced at EUR 14.63.

Main Features

  • Regular and Tundra models
  • Portable Garmin Aera GPS
  • KX 165 Nav/Com radio
  • KT76A Transponder
  • Cold & Dark, Ready to Taxi, Ready for Take-off, start options
  • Engine and wind sound effectswhen opening doors and windows
  • Original HQ digital stereo sounds recored direct from real airplane
  • Realistic flight dynamics
  • PBR materials and textures
  • Tablet interface

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