Carenado Shares Final C337 Previews Before Release (MSFS)

Aircraft developer Carenado has today shared their final previews of the up and coming C337 Skymaster before release for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Carenado stated that they have finished fixing all pending details after the release of sim update seven, and that release through the MSFS marketplace is imminent.

The aircraft can expect to come with the standard Carenado features seen in all their other MSFS addons, including PBR textures, a faithful recreation of the actual aircraft, high quality texturing and modelling, and much more.

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It is hard to say the exact release date, but as per details provided by Carenado release can be expected relatively soon. As for price, Carenado have unfortunately not disclosed any details.

The Cessna 337 Skymaster is an American made twin engine aircraft, famous for it’s unusual fuselage shape, as well as it’s tail configuration. Though the aircraft is not a common sight, it is still used in various militaries around the world, as well as for personal use and air taxis.

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