Chudoba Design has today taken to their Facebook page to share a new set of previews showcasing their upcoming rendition of Prague Airport (LKPR) for X-Plane 11. In addition to the previews, a feature list was published.

While the development is progressing well, there are still a lot of things that need to be done. These include, for example, custom ground equipment, animated cars, and, in general, small details around the scenery. Based on the post, the airport buildings are almost finished.

In regards to the features, we can expect the scenery to bring custom animations, PBR textures with custom night variations, weather-specific animations, and custom night lighting as well as SAM Jetways and SAM AirportVehicles integration.

The release is still planned to happen in June this year with the open beta being slighly delayed to the second half of March or late April.

If you want to learn more about the development, we recommend going through our Chudoba Design article archive here.

Feature list

  • Very well optimized scenery
  • Custom animations
  • PBR textures and PBR groundpoly
  • Custom night textures and supported with custom lightning system for HDRI effect
  • SAM jetways (if the A380 is out, our jetways are ready to serve that bird)
  • Animations driven by specific weather conditions
  • SAM vehicles integration
  • eastereggs… and more!

Author: George

I've been a flight sim enthusiast for some time now, and I've always enjoyed flying to various destinations all over the world. My favourite airport is by far Corfu with its scenic and challenging approach. I founded FSNews in May 2019.

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