Chudoba Design Updates Marsa Alam & Taba Sceneries, and Further Previews Prague (XP11)

Chudoba Design has recently taken to their social network profiles to announce a release of more than one update for their sceneries of Marsa Alam, Taba, and Hurghada Airports for X-Plane 11. Currently developed rendition of Prague Airport (LKPR) for X-Plane 11 was mentioned as well.

First of all, as promised by the developer in previous development updates, Marsa Alam Airport (HEMA) and Taba Airport (HETB) sceneries received very similar updates featuring improved custom ground polygons and improved textures.

In regards to the Hurghada Airport (HEGN) scenery, the developer has implemented custom animated jetways to the scenery with the most recent update. Implementing jetways to the scenery was a challenge at first.

As Filip, the CEO of Chudoba Design, explained in the past, he uses Autodesk Maya for scenery modelling which does not have a direct simulator export option and does not offer as many options as Blender does. This means, that everything needs to go through Blender before it can be put to the simulator. Filip contacted ShortFinal Design and they worked together on implementing custom jetways to Chudoba Design’s sceneries, including the previously mentioned Hurghada Airport (HEGN) scenery.

I was super scared about modelling jetways. So, I wrote to Justin from Short Final Design and I’ve found a solution with him. That brings us to the conclusion. The scenery will have optimized transparent jetways. And I think it’s simply great.

Filip – CEO of Chudoba Design

Furthermore, development of a highly-anticipated project in the Czech and Slovak community was addressed. Based on the post, the north part of the Prague Airport (LKPR) is almost done and the developers are currently working on non-terminal buildings and south part of the airport. In addition, the developer has confirmed, that the scenery will feature custom animated jetways and custom ground vehicles using SAM plugins.

Chudoba Design has as well made it clear, that the open-beta will not be available until all buildings are ready. While the release is still planned to happen in June this year, the open beta was slighly delayed to the second half of March or late April.

If you want to learn more about the developer, feel free to visit their website at

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