9.5.2023 – 10:54z

Full Cirrus Fleet by TorqueSim Released for X-Plane 12

Six months after the original announcement, TorqueSim released their updated Cirrus Aircraft fleet for the X-Plane 12 simulator. The following aircraft now have support for the latest addition to Laminar Research’s portfolio of flight simming platforms: 

  • SR22 G1000
  • SR22 Entegra
  • SR20 G100
  • SR20 Entegra

If you already own the aircraft from X-Plane 11, you can upgrade them to X-Plane 12 for free, using the installer you originally downloaded from the X-Aviation website. If you were on the fence about purchasing these aicraft for the previous version of X-Plane now is the time with a lot of new updates and bug fixes.

All the aircraft models have been completely redone, including their animations and textures. After a request from community members, the FMOD has been updated with brand-new sounds and better transitions. 

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The partnership with RealSimGear also brought upon many fixes for the hardware itself if you own it. In addition to the update to the Cirrus fleet, RealSimGear released its own update to fix some of the minor bugs noticed throughout testing the newly updated Cirrus aircraft. These updates do not only apply to the TorqueSim Aircraft but the RealSimGear software as well. This is marking the first major update to the software since the release of X-Plane 12. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of the aircraft above you may visit the X-Aviation website. The SR-20 series is currently $49.95 USD, and the SR-22 Series is for a slight increase of $59.95 USD. If you already own the aircraft you can either check your email for the updated installer or download it from your original order.

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