7.1.2024 – 00:38z

Cockspur Releases Phenom 100 for MSFS

Cockspur has started the year off strong by releasing their ‘finely crafted’ rendition of the Phenom 100 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The aircraft is modelled after Brazil’s aircraft manufacturer, Embraer, and their Phenom 100.

Cockspur has started to feature a strong lineup of business jets for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Phenom 100 was released after the popularity of Cockspur’s previous BizJet release, the C510 Mustang.

The Phenom 100 is a Feature Rich Add-on

The aircraft features a lavish executive interior, a state-of-the-art Garmin G1000 flight deck with both Navigraph and Simbrief capabilities, and an accurately modelled FADEC system. The actual Phenom 100 features a range of about 2,182 Kilometers. The model has been precision-made, so we can expect almost true-to-life characteristics from the aircraft.

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Visible individuals can be seen sitting in the passenger area should the weight and balance be configured to reflect as such by adding their weights on the correct screen. For all those passengers, you want to ensure you’re doing it by the book, and that’s perfect because Cockspur has a checklist in the side pocket of all Phenom 100s sold.

Details were not held back; the addon features multiple liveries that mimic real-world paint schemes. Even the LAV door slides open and closed, and we can see the forbidden blue juice when the LAV is flushed.

You can check out our previous release on the aircraft by Howard by clicking here, where they take a deep dive into the inner workings and a comparison of the two business jet aircraft Cockspur has available at present.

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The add-on is available now from the developer’s website for 26,99€. If you want to purchase this from the MSFS Marketplace, you’ll have to wait, but it is planned to be implemented shortly.

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