28.2.2020 – 20:17z

COLIMATA updates Concorde to v1.11

COLIMATA, a developer behind Concorde for X-Plane 11, has today released a new version of the aircraft. The new version, version 1.11, features, for example, improved external lights and aircraft ground handling, fixed and improved ground objects and the pushback or toned down glass reflections. Also, an engine start is now possible during pushback using bleed air.

The announcement was made via .org forums. As usual, the complete changelog can be seen below. If you want to download the newest beta, feel free to do so via the .org forums.


+ Engine start is now possible during pushback using bleed air from running engines
+ Toned down glass reflections
+ Fixes to Graphical User Interface functionality
+ Fixed and improved ground objects
+ Fixed and improved pushback
+ Improved aircraft ground handling
+ Improved aircraft external lights

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