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Cross-Community Panel Discussion Planned for February 26th

Through email and social media notifications and posts, Evan and Phil from Flight Simulation Association have invited the community to join them and other influential people in a live discussion.

As in December, the livestream will be held on various platforms and channels. Everyone, with permission of the association, is allowed to re-stream the session. The primary stream will be held however at the Flight Simulation Association’s website.

The Cross-Community Panel brings together developers, content creators, and simmers for engaging discussions on broad topics of interest in home flight simulation. See the faces and meet the people behind some of the community’s biggest add-ons, simulators, and products (..)!

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Flight Simulation Association – FAQ

The upcoming discussion is scheduled for February 26th, 2000GMT(z).

The moderators will be joined by Rober Randazzo from PMDG, Laura Laban from Infinite Flight, and Keith Smith from PilotEdge as well as Fabio Miguez from TheFlyingFabio channel.

While where will the conversation end up is unclear to any of us, the session will start with the hosts talking about flight simulation impact in the real world and their future plans. The community will also have the opportunity to ask their questions.

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