3.2.2024 – 19:16z

David Rosenfeld Previews Milan Malpensa For MSFS

David Rosenfeld announced on Facebook his comeback to the development of Milan Malpensa Airport for MSFS, previewing screenshots.

About The Airport

Malpensa is the biggest airport in the Milan area, serving over 21 million people in 2022, making it the second busiest airport in Italy. The airport has connections to almost every European country, as well as Asia, Africa, North America, and Brazil. We can mainly spot EasyJet, Wizz Air, RyanAir, and Neos Airlines at this airport.

Milan Malpensa Previews

Previews primarily focus on Terminal 1, presenting textures and the gate area. The terminal’s outside shows rich textures like glass, tiles, concrete, or metal. Gates feature jetbridges that might receive custom animations with height barriers underneath. Each stand has a VDGS (Visual Docking Guidance System) that helps with parking the aircraft and displays time.

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From the screenshots, we can see that the terminal has a 2D interior visible from the outside. Apart from the passenger area, the preview takes us to the tower, which features an interior and a few people working inside. It also looks like David might create custom lighting for this rendition, lighting up the airport’s signs.

For now, the release date or pricing has not been announced. If you are interested in David’s, check out his latest release for MSFS.

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