DC Designs Concorde Development Update (P3D – 21.5.)

Not even three days after announcing the project, DC Designs has today posted via their Facebook page a rather long development update talking about the techniques they are using in the development and a status update on the aircraft development. At the beginning of the post, it was stated that the aircraft is still a WIP, so the screenshots are not showcasing the final product.

The images above are showcasing how the aircraft wheels look in Blender – modelling program the developers use. Based on the post, the developers are currently working on the undercarriage and their associated bays.

Users like detail, but they also don’t spend much time staring up into the wheel-wells. So it’s a balance – too much detail and performance is degraded in the simulator: too little detail, and the owner isn’t getting value for money.

It was also said, that the developers will aim for the highest performance possible with the aircraft.

The original post can be found here. The release date and the pricing details are unkown as of right now.

Author: George

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