1.4.2022 – 12:58z

DC Designs Releases Concorde for MSFS

Earlier this week, DC Designs have released their rendition of the supersonic Concorde for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The release occurred on schedule on March 30th as the developers announced earlier in the month.

Although DC Designs have previously released Concorde also for Prepar3D, this addon was developed from scratch using the latest technologies and advancements available in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The addon comes with a variety of features, including extensive 3D modelling with accurate textures and smooth animations or a fully modelled forward passenger cabin. Further, you can make use of the weather radar as well as fully functional FMC. CIVA INS will follow when Xbox can support the required gauges.

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The developers have detailed that the Concorde is designed to provide a top-quality aircraft that is extremely detailed, yet less demanding to fly than today’s most complex simulations. In other words, it is designed to be accessible to all users.

Flight simmers can also enjoy a fully automated fuel transfer system, realistic flight model, or fully operational fuel balance system. The fuel balance system comes with all 138 lines, 64 pumps, and 38 valves correctly represented.

If you’re a virtual reality user, the developers have confirmed full compatiblity with virtual reality headsets.

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You can purchase DC Designs’ Concorde for MSFS through the Just Flight webstore for €34.95.

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