Developers Showcased their Addons in X-Plane 12 - Aerobask, VerticalSim, Windsock Simulations, X-Plane

Developers Showcased their Addons in X-Plane 12

In the last few weeks, a wide array of developers have shared screenshots showcasing their products in X-Plane 12.

Developers don’t tend to work, and especially promote, their products on unstable platforms. Thus, seemingly, X-Plane 12 release is now not as far away as some could have thought a few weeks ago.

If you’d like to go through a comprehensive list of addons that are being developed for X-Plane 12, you can read through our dedicated page that summarizes all statements in one place by clicking here.


One of the developers who shared new previews from X-Plane 12 is Aerobask. They have earlier today shared three previews of their Falcon F8X, Phenom 300, and Diamond DA50 in X-Plane 12. The Falcon F8X was initially planned to release for X-Plane 11, but the plans have recently changed and the addon will only be compatible with X-Plane 12.

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Verticalsim and Windsock Simulations

A few hours later, after the post of Aerobask previews, a single preview showcasing Verticalsim’s Tampa Airport (KTPA) during dusk in X-Plane 12 has been shared with the public.

In fact, this is not the first time a custom scenery was previewed. Windsock Simulations as well have made good progress on their rendition of Madrid Airport (LEMD) in X-Plane 12 that they felt comfortable sharing it with the community.

Vskylabs and Khamsin

Aircraft developers VSkylabs and Khamsin have also joined the group and shared previews of their Boeing B-17G, SA315B Lama helicopter, and Rutan Model-158, all from X-Plane 12.

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Based on the comments attached to the post from the X-Plane team, the simulator is currently in the alpha testing stage, hence the reason why only developers and a very limited amount of people have access to it.


FlightFactor has previously previewed their much-anticipated Boeing 757 rendition in X-Plane 12. You can read about that in a different article by clicking here.

While developers seem to be making good progress on their addons, the only thing we can do is to wait patiently. There is no public release date of the simulator or pricing details.

At the official keynote, the team has only said that people who buy X-Plane 11 during the X-Plane 12’s beta testing through their website will receive a free copy of X-Plane 12 once released.

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