Drzewiecki Design Releases National Airport for MSFS

Being their seventh scenery for the Microsoft Flight Simulator, Drzewiecki Design’s rendition of National Airport (KDCA) was released just yesterday offering users a nice addition to the Washington Landmarks scenery enhancing the default cityscape.

Users of the scenery should get, based on the feature list,a high-quality and detailed model of the airport featuring up-to-date layout and extensive details throughout the airport, custom night textures, dynamic lighting, PBR materials, or even a performance-friendly interior modelling. Furthermore, the terrain was improved to better reflect the real counterpart.

The complete feature list can be found below in the article together with a link to a selection of stores from where you can purchase the scenery.

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The scenery can be purchased through numerous flight simulation stores for a price of approximately €16 with VAT excluded.

National Airport (KDCA), also known as Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, is the main airport serving the capital city of the United States, Washington D.C. It is a hub for American Airlines which annually see almost six million passengers travelling to, and from, the airport. Many pilots say, that the approach to the airport is one of the more insteresting in the country due to the amount of prohibited airspace around the airport.

Feature list

  • A high-quality model of KDCA Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, featuring the up-to-date version with extensive details throughout the whole airport
  • FPS-friendly design, with epic night textures, dynamic lighting and PBR materials
  • Performance-friendly interior modeling at terminal buildings, control towers, and some hangars, static aircraft, advanced night lighting, custom animations, custom mesh, custom animated jetways

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