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Drzewiecki Design releases Polish Airports vol.1 XP v3

Drzewiecki Design, a well-known scenery developer on the scene, has today released a new version of their Polish Airports vol.1 XP scenery. This is a major update, and requires a separate purchase. The scenery covers Gdansk, Katowice, Rzeszow and Lublin Airport.

The new version features SAM support at all airports, Vulkan compatibility, advanced lighting, updated buildings, updated layouts, or PBR textures, for example. All changelogs can be found below. If I should point out something, Gdansk Airport and Lublin Airport got whole new terminals with interiors.

If you already own the previous versions, you will receive a discount for the new version. A list of stores from which you can purchase the scenery can be found at the Drzewiecki Design website. The price is yet unknown since the new version cannot be found at any store just yet.

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Gdansk Airport (EPGD)

  • New terminal model, with detailed interiors + upgraded older buildings
  • Runway vertical profile exactly modeled, custom airport mesh
  • New jetway models, jetway connectors and VGDS
  • New car parking and plenty of details around terminals
  • Numerous buildings added incl. Geis, BCE, hotel, BP, SKAT, railway adm., Orlen, DHL Cargo building
  • New buildings on 29 approach
  • New ortho
  • Car traffic fixes, autogen fixes, vegetation fixes
  • New train line with 3 stations, animated trains, bridges and custom mesh + the fuel unloading railyard
  • New static aircraft
  • New handling vehicles
  • Apron update
  • SAM plugin support for jetway animation, VGDS and marshallers

Katowice Airport (EPKT)

  • Terminal B reconstructed, new ATC tower, new cargo apron, VIP entrance
  • A highway on the ortho, car traffic, custom mesh, bridges
  • New hotel, car parkings and people models
  • New handling vehicles
  • Upgrades to the apron
  • New apron next to the tower
  • New static aircraft
  • Runway vertical profile exactly modeled
  • SAM plugin support for marshaller animations

Rzeszow Airport (EPRZ)

  • Ortho updated
  • Cargo building
  • New hotel, Most Mazowieckiego, Galeria Rzeszów, new static aircraft, G2A Arena, Podkarpackie Centrum Nauki
  • New G and Z taxiways, new Air Club building and the old one removed, new MGGP Aero building, new AirRes building, new taxiways and refurbished hangar in OKL
  • New jetway model and SODE VGDS
  • Runway vertical profile exactly modeled
  • SAM plugin support for jetway animation, VGDS and marshallers

Lublin Airport (EPLB)

  • Lublin City added with ortho, autogen and numerous landmarksthe new terminal with interior plus the East section, new train and rails, new HEMS base, new handling vehicles, new fences and SODE
  • controlled gate, new Swidnik buildings, new objects at the terminal parking.
  • Custom mesh design
  • Autogen fixes
  • Runway vertical profile exactly modeled, custom airport mesh
  • SAM plugin support for marshaller animations

Source: Drzewiecki Design Facebook

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