Drzewiecki Design Updates Moscow Landmarks to v1.1 (MSFS)

Drzewiecki Design, a well-known scenery developer, has today came to their Facebook page to announce the release of a new version of their Moscow Landmarks scenery for the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This is the first update the scenery received after the initial release back in August 2020. Version 1.1 of the scenery features new custom-made buildings around the city and custom-made airport ground layouts, lighting, and animated jetways for Vnukovo and Domodedovo airports, for example. Further, plenty of various fixes are included in the update.

The price of the scenery has been now also raised together with the price of Washington Landmarks. This update is free of charge for existing users.

Moscow Landmarks MSFS will now be sold at a higher price (same as Washington Landmarks) and update offers were suspended. Obviously, for the existing customers, the update is free!

Drzewiecki Design – Facebook page

If you want to purchase the scenery, you can do so via SimMarket for approx. €15 excluding VAT. The scenery should also be coming to the MSFS Marketplace soon.

In order to update the scenery, simply redownload the files from the store you purchased the product from. Make sure to delete old files before installing the new version.


  • Numerous new custom-made buildings (stadiums, highrises, churches, and other landmarks) around the city
  • Custom-made airport ground layouts and lighting for UUWW Vnukovo and UUDD Domodedovo
  • Animated jetways at UUDD Domodedovo and UUWW Vnukovo (including custom models!)
  • Plenty of various fixes (models, textures, heliports, meshes, vector data, installer, manual)

Author: George

I've been a flight sim enthusiast for some time now, and I've always enjoyed flying to various destinations all over the world, but my favourite airport is by far Corfu. I started this news site in May 2019 and since then my main goal is to keep you informed about the latest stuff happening on the scene.