Eaglesoft Citation XLS+ Generational Three Released

Developer team Eaglesoft released their Citation XLS+ Generational Three add-on for 32 bit platform (FSX, Prepar3D v3).

All systems should work like in real life including FMC, dynamic avionics and many others.

Very good job was made on exterior model as well. You can enjoy accurate flaps and spoilers animations or multiple liveries that were added by developers.

You can buy this aircraft from here.


  • Multiple High Quality Corporate liveries included
  • Accurate and Finest Quality Model using 3DStudio Techniques
  • Accurate wing views from the luxurious Executive/VIP Cabin
  • Animated Pilot, Animated First Officer
  • Accurate animations of Flaps, Slats, Speed Brakes, Thrust Reversers
  • Accurate Reflective Textures, Dynamic Shine, Luxurious Night Lighting
  • Accurate and extremely realistic Flight Dynamics to FL 450 and 442 ktas
  • Truly immersive sound experience based on real world Citation XLS+ Sounds
  • Accurate systems modeling of Hydraulic, Electrical, Oxygen, Pressurization
  • Accurate animations of Landing Gear, Air Stair, Passenger Door, Cargo Door
  • Accurate and Finest Quality Virtual Cockpit and Executive/VIP Luxury Cabin

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