Fangzahn Aviation Studios gives Zakynthos status update (P3D)

Over on Facebook, Fangzahn Aviation Studios has released a status update for their freeware Zakynthos (LGZA) scenery. The scenery was originally developed for P3D v4. The product was previously not compatible with Prepar3D v5, but a temporary workaround to get the scenery to work was released by the developer. Today, a full update for Zakynthos has been announced.

We know little detail about the update. We know that it will be compatible with Prepar3D v5 and that it will use all of its new features. That means we can expect sloped runways at this airport. The developer has also showcased new satellite imagery for the surrounding area, covering almost 100kmĀ².

But before that big update, we can expect a smaller compatibility update for the airport, as there were some troubles with Dynamic Lighting. The installer will also install the scenery directly into the Prepar3Dv5 folder. Testers are needed for this update. If you’re interested, send an email to with your full name and PC specs.

Finally, Fangzahn teases another project by another user that has “something to do with the letter X”. You can download LGZA for P3D v4.4+ for free here.

Author: Dag

I first got into aviation 5 years ago. I bought FSX: Steam Edition first and used that for about a year. I wanted something more realistic and decided to buy some addons and eventually upgrade to Prepar3D and that's what I still use today. I've always loved writing and doing research and am very happy to put it to good use here.