16.12.2019 – 16:38z

FeelThere Release Embraer E-Jets For P3Dv4

The FeelThere company have announced on their website that version 3 update for their Embraer E-Jets has been release.

The fleet consists of

  • Embraer E-170
  • Embraer E-175
  • Embraer E-190
  • Embraer E-195

Aircraft Features

  • Brand new, highly detailed 3D model
  • Brand New PBR Exterior
  • Brand New detailed interiors (economy/business class) and wing views
  • Brand New flight dynamics based on real pilot’s feedback.
  • Brand New sound experience
  • Numerous animations : hydraulic suspension, flaps, slats, spoilerons, speed brakes, thrust reversers, landing gear, passengers door, cargo hatches, opening cockpit windows,…
  • Nose wheel steering limited over 40kts
  • Load Manager
FeelThere Release Embraer E-Jets For P3Dv4 - FeelThere, Prepar3D

Panel Features

  • Brand New fully 3D interactive virtual cockpit
  • Colour Weather Radar
  • Radio autotuning
  • Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) and warnings and caution messages
  • TCAS II : Traffic avoidance with audio-visual Traffic Advisory and
  • Resolution Advisory system
  • Pop up instrument EFIS screens for multi-monitor displays
FeelThere Release Embraer E-Jets For P3Dv4 - FeelThere, Prepar3D

The aircraft can be purchased from the FeelThere store for $59.99 for the E-170 and E-190 package, or the E-175 and E-195, again for $59.99. Anyone updating from the previous version can enjoy a $10 discount.

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Alternatively you can purchase all four variants for a discounted $99.98.

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