Fenix Sim Announces A320 for MSFS Pricing

Through a post on their blog, Fenix Sim’s founder Aamir has shared an extensive development update focusing on their much-anticipated Airbus A320 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Promising to be the first high fidelity payware Airbus addon, the development update allows us to get a better idea of what can we expect upon the initial release.

Further, Fenix Sim has announced the price of the addon. Aamir clarified that they believe the market is larger. Thus, flight simmers should not pay hundreds of pounds to experience the care and attention put into a high fidelity aircraft.

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Consequently, the price of the Fenix Sim A320 for MSFS was set to £49.99. That is equal to roughly €59 or $62. Aamir has confirmed that there are no hidden fees or local taxes. The £49.99 is the final price the customer will be charged if they want to make the purchase.

The development update also details the liveries we will be able to fly with upon the official launch. Aamir has commented that there will be 181 livery packages upon the release. Each package will then have a couple of additional variants.

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The addon will also feature a fully modelled 3D cabin with accurate dynamic sound effects, working seatbelt signs, and a functioning cockpit door.

Fenix Sim has also lifted the NDA prohibiting beta and alpha testers from sharing their experiences and footage of the addon. Thus, you can now watch a number of streams showcasing the aircraft in action. You can watch streams from playback or videos from Chewwy94, Sh3ed, 320 Sim Pilot, or flightdeck2sim.

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This release will follow the release of another big project, the PMDG 737-700, which was released just earlier this month.

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