Fenix Sim Plans a New Update for Their A320

Lead developer Aamir today shared some information about the upcoming update for the well-known Fenix Sim A320. The post was shared through the Fenix Sim Discord server.

Aamir says that this is a brief update of what is going on backstage of this wonderful add-on. He didn’t go into much detail, but he focused more on the things that are important for a wider range of users.

First of all, Aamir talked about VNAV, which currently is completely rebuilt from scratch. There is a much more accurate set of algorithms. Even though the developer team created this new logic in a fairly short time, it performs well, according to Aamir. This new VNAV is now in its testing stage.

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Speaking of the flight model, Fenix Sim focused on the logic of flap lift/drag area, to provide better and more realistic results when slowing the plane down. All of the flight surface areas were reviewed and worked on, to create a better experience.

Furthermore, there are improvements in the aircraft sounds, which are edited from the customer’s feedback. The rotation and immediate post-rotation were also reviewed and adjusted, as well as 50 and over system bugs, crashes and errors. Lastly, this new update will come with VR improvements and visual bug fixes found around the aeroplane.

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If you’d like to learn more about Fenix Sim, you can read our initial thoughts about this great add-on. You can get the Fenix Sim A320 through the Fenix Sim page for approximately €59.09.

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