Fenix Sim Releases New Update for A320 for MSFS

Aamir of Fenix Sim has towards the end of October taken to their Discord server to formally announce the release of a new update for their renowned Airbus A320 rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The update comes with a good number of improvements to existing features and fixes to bugs the community members came across.

The team has, for example, improved the flight model of the aircraft. Thus, the aircraft now behaves accurately in various flap settings and when flying at low speeds. In addition to that, small adjustments were done to ground spoiler effectiveness and lateral friction values.

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The focus was also put on textures and lighting throughout the addon, in both exterior and interior. For instance, all exterior lights are now volumetric, and the textures in the cockpit have been improved to better reflect the real counterparts.

The team also focused on improving and fixing the systems. In particular, the aircraft’s autoland should now be much smoother and more stable. That is achieved also by further fixing the bug which caused the aircraft to lose the ILS signal in the FMS autotuner.

For simmers who often use GSX, Fenix Sim fixed an issue of

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The update can be downloaded free of charge through the Fenix Sim website or through the launcher.

If you want to purchase the Fenix Sim A320, you can do so only through the official website for £49.99, or when converted, €57.

You can also read our review of the Fenix Sim A320 if you’re still hesitant about purchasing the addon.

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