Fenix Sim Releases Patch For The Airbus A320

Saturday morning Captains of the Fenix Airbus A320 woke up to a patch that addressed several issues. This was one of the fastest rollouts of an initial functional patch in flightsim history.

Aamir, Founder and Owner of Fenix said “The aim of this update is to address issues preventing proper use of the product, e.g. installation errors, performance, EFB and display glitches, and expanding controller support.“.

Included in this update is an explanation of how Fenix tested the performance and how the user should handle support issues. Other items in the release, the paintkit for livery artist. They also updated the community regarding payment issues with Paypal and ApplePay. Some of the highlights of the update are.

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  • Added gamepad controller support for rudder and jeyboard rudder control
  • Fixed anti-icing
  • Resized window to reduce instances of overflowing long TAFs/ATIS
  • Fixed ECAM N2 display glitches
  • Improved performance on low-end machines
  • Fixed displays going haywire in some situations
  • Fixed EFB switches glitching out
  • Improved performance on 4-core machines
  • Reduced performance impact of the contrails
  • Fixed taxi light turning off with cabin
  • Fixed doors doing their own thing

The update was given to the development team on Friday night to test, they gave Aamir the OK to release it Saturday. The update came out as a download and install via the Fenix App.

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You can purchase the Fenix Airbus A320 for £49.99 GBP here.

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