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Fenix Simulations Updates A320, Gives Insight to A319 and A321 Development

Fenix Simulations has recently taken to their website to inform us about some new things in their team, including the software update for the A320 series, how the development progresses with the expansion pack and informed us about a flash sale that is happening in the next few days.

Fenix A320 Base Update

In the first segment of this development update, Fenix Simulations started with the general update for the A320 Base Package. Version is a bugfix update that optimised the performance for the external engine model, LVar handling, and added LVars for EFIS BARO, TO PERF and ISFD.

The aircraft is now capable of more configuration options for default EO ACC and default thrust reduction. There are also some small AOA tweaks, and crash fixes, and the issue with gear being up upon spawning is no longer present, too.

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Speaking of the art segment, the aircraft received an overhaul to various parts of its art. This includes improvements to the custom LOD system, resulting in shorter delays when switching cameras, fixed CFM atd_id not matching the livery, fixed cockpit dome lights that were always on in external view and fixed small cockpit performance dip.

In general, the art update is mostly focused on improving the performance, as Fenix A320 tends to be quite a performance-heavy aircraft.

The EFB received fixes to bugs that caused various errors throughout the EFB, changes are done to boarding status, load sheet generation, incorrect ADC or empty EOBT.

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The Livery Manager app has received improvements to its livery installation speed. Speaking of liveries, you need to update your liveries, since there are changes done to the art aspect of the aircraft. Not updating them will result in aircraft being invisible upon spawning.

Currently, the A320 Base Package is on sale, with 20% off your purchase until Wednesday 2200z. This means that you can now get Fenix Simulations A320 for €46.83 instead of the original €58.54 with current currency rates.

Progress of the A319 and A321 Expansion

It has been mentioned that the development of this first expansion package is coming along nicely. Fenix Simulations wants to put the A321 and the A319 into beta testing very soon.

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The A319 and A321 will include both the CFM and IAE versions of the aircraft, with Sharklet variants coming later this year to all the Fenix Simulations packages.

If you would like to read more about Fenix Simulations and its development, make sure to read our previous article here.

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