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First Look at Concorde for P3D and MSFS from FSLabs

Andrew Wilson from FSLabs took earlier today to their forums to fulfil a long-awaited promise of his: to share some previews of FSLabs’ Concorde for Prepar3D and MSFS before the year ends. In the forum post, he not only shows the aircraft in its full beauty but also details some of the features and mentions MSFS support.

This is not only the first time FSLabs shared proper previews of the aircraft, but also an official confirmation that FSLabs is bringing Concorde to Microsoft Flight Simulator as well. The last time the aircraft was mentioned, was in fact in 2020 when only a dark image was shared.

According to Andrew, the addon will feature realistic characteristics of both the British and French configurations of Concorde. What’s more, the team is even simulating the livery colour effect on the aircraft.

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“(..) our simulation checks the colour of the fuselage/wings and heats the airframe appropriately. Of course, this will then lead to significant consequences. It means that any custom repaint will need to give this careful consideration – just as was done in real life – as it was the primary reason why most of the liveries designed for Concorde in its lifetime were white.“, said Wilson on that note, primarily addressing the infamous Pepsi livery.

Furthermore, Andrew also mentioned that the aircraft will come with a vast array of special effects to match properly the atmosphere when flying the aircraft. This includes various effects for engine smoke that varies with atmospheric conditions and engine power.

FSLabs’ Concorde will also feature volumetric lighting, and connectivity with external devices to display various instruments externally. The addon is also set to automatically generate EROPS charts, based on a given route. This chart is used to depict the diversion commit points.

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Andrew Wilson also mentioned the virtual cockpit. It has been completely redesigned specifically for Prepar3D v5 and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Each instrument has been built using high-definition texturing and includes dynamic lighting that reacts to both ambient lighting and any of the various lighting systems on the aircraft. Most of our efforts with this new virtual cockpit have been on modelling the new flight engineer station. Every single switch, dial, rotary selector is simulated.“, Andrew said in his post.

Whilst the release date and price remains unknown, Andrew mentioned that they plan to share more information in the coming weeks as they progress towards the release.

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