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Flightbeam Studios Releases KSFO Captain’s Edition

Flightbeam has released its rendition of KSFO for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Flightbeam are known for their highly detailed, handcrafted airports reflecting real life. The developers use on-site experience of the airport to capture every little detail.

About San Francisco Airport (KSFO)

San Francisco Airport is one of the busiest and most iconic airports in the world. Located 13 miles south of San Francisco and a major international gateway, it handles over 55 million passengers annually. KSFO has four terminals and seven concourses, serving over 100 destinations worldwide. The airport also has four runways, two used for domestic flights and the other two used for international flights.

KSFO is the largest in the Bay Area and the second busiest in California. It started as an experimental airport project in 1927 before expanding and changing its name in 1931. The first carriers at the airport were Western Air Express, Maddux Air Lines and Century Pacific Lines. However, United Airlines quickly became the key carrier after it formed in 1934.

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Flightbeam’s KSFO Captain’s Edition

Flightbeam has recreated this airport with “unparalleled realism” using an extensive on-site survey. This has allowed the team to capture every aspect of the airport so that it is true to life. According to the developers, this scenery delivers both stunning visuals and seamless performance. The add-on comes with digitally painted, multi-layered textures to match the essence of the real-world airport.

The add-on comes with several features like the PBR materials and the custom decals which go with the highly detailed and realistic textures. Showing the bustling life of the airport, the scenery includes many custom objects on the tarmac, all of which were modelled based on real objects from the airport. Despite the amount of objects you’ll see, Flightbeam has optimised it to bring the best performance.

Custom Dynamic jetways have been included to further enhance the realism. You’ll also see custom VDGS (Visual Docking Guidance System) devices at various gates around the airport. However, these will require Nool VDGS to work correctly. The team have included a custom GSX profile which will also work with the custom VDGS system, however, this profile is still a work in progress.

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Further enhancing the realism, Flightbeam has made a custom coastline with photogrammetry data. This was created with the data collected from the on-site survey of the real airport. The runway guard lights have also been modelled and to capture the life of the airport, the SFO train has been animated. Using their combined experience and on-site surveys of the airport, Flightbeam has recreated KFSO in MSFS.

San Francisco International Airport (KFSO) is available now for €22.55 on the Contrail Store. You will need to install the Contrail App to download the add-on. You can keep up to date on the latest flight simulator-related news, here on FSNews.

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