Flightbeam updates Denver International (MSFS)

Flightbeam has released an update for their first and so far only Microsoft Flight Simulator Scenery: Denver International Airport. Denver was one of the very first addons to release on the MSFS Marketplace. KDEN was previously developed for Prepar3D.

Update 1.03 features many smaller changes. Some things have been fixed and a few additions are included too. Ground PBR textures are a part of this update too. Those will only be visible after the MSFS update. The towers have received red rotating beacons as they do in real life. The main terminal has a new parking lot on the side. The taxiways were made smoother. There are no longer bumps and rough inclines. When the ATC gives you taxi instructions, they will now be the full instructions. Several gates and ramps were improved as well. You can find the full feature list below the screenshots.

If you use Contrail, you can update the scenery from there. Or re-download it from the Flightbeam website. MSFS marketplace customers will get the update soon, but there is no ETA for that yet.

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Flightbeam also has a tool to see the difference between their version and the Premium Deluxe, handcrafted version of Denver that’s included in MSFS Premium Deluxe. If you don’t have it yet, you can buy it here for US$ 15.00.

Feature List

  • ¬†Improved night lighting
  • Added red beacons on top of towers
  • Enabled ground PBR (will be visible with MSFS’s new update)
  • Fixed missing glass canopy from the Hotel
  • Added custom parking lot textures next to main terminal
  • Fixed Asobo’s KDEN bleed through/duplicate buildings (no more need to manually delete files)
  • Smoothed out many taxiways and unrealistic inclines/bumps
  • Fixed Taxiway naming, ATC now gives full taxiway directions
  • Optimized traffic flow for aircraft and traffic
  • Fixed various parking gates/ramps
  • Fixed runway 26 PAPI showing no proper indications
  • Fix various object placements

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