FlightFactor 767-400 Coming Very Soon, Price Set to $69

After several posts teasing the aircraft and its features, FlightFactor has officially confirmed that their 767-400 variant is coming “very soon” and for what price.

Ramzzess explained, that the team has implemented a completely new set of avionics with a new 3D model of the cockpit with high-resolution textures and updated FMS to better represent the real counterpart.

Whilst initially the 767-400 for X-Plane was meant to be released as an expansion, FlightFactor made the decision to release it as a standalone addon for $69 until X-Plane 12 is released. After that, the price is going to increase.

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As Ramzzess himself wrote: “The 767-family from now on will have two base packages with the 767-300ER and 767-400ER respectively, which can be upgraded into a joined “pair”, or to any combination of 3 possible upgrades.“.

This also confirms that the aircraft will release for X-Plane 11 first. Ramzzess further confirmed that all updates of the aircraft to X-Plane 12 will be free of charge for existing owners of the addon for X-Plane 11.

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If you’ve previously purchased the 767 family from FlightFactor, you will be eligible for a $30 upgrade fee to also get the 767-400ER variant.

The 767-400ER is also compatible with the Modern Avionics upgrade.

Ramzzess attached a new product scheme for the addon which, if you’re brave enough, can view below.

While we know the price now, the team did not yet share an exact release date apart from saying that the addon is “coming very soon“.

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