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FlightFactor 777v2 for X-Plane 12 Suffers Delay

FlightFactor’s CEO @ramzzess dedicated some words to their Discord community regarding the lack of news about the highly anticipated update of their B777 add-on for X-Plane 12.

Delay Main Causes

The hold-up revolves around a series of unresolved components crucial for the aircraft’s functionality, specifically within the Flight Management System (FMS), Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), Enhanced Flight Information System (EFIS), liveries, and manuals. The developers have set their sights on refining key features such as LNAV and VNAV guidance in the FMS, performance calculators, and pilot utilities in the EFB, before proceeding to the final release. Additionally, they have expressed aspirations to introduce further enhancements post-beta, including CPDLC and additional apps for the EFB. Also, external factors like regional conflicts in Europe and the recent release of X-Plane 12 have also played a significant role in impeding progress.

FlightFactor Redeems

The delay, albeit frustrating for eager enthusiasts, is rationalized by FlightFactor’s unwavering commitment to delivering a high level of excellence. They emphasize an intricate focus on system depth and overall user experience, incorporating advanced functionalities like crew interaction, vocalization of procedures, and voice control. Notably, the developers have gone to great lengths, with personnel undergoing Type Rating training and certification to deepen their understanding of the aircraft, along with implementing a proprietary sound system crafted from authentic recordings of the actual aircraft.

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Requesting Approach

Despite these hurdles, FlightFactor is poised to achieve a major breakthrough. The eagerly awaited public beta release is projected within the next 8-10 weeks, marking a pivotal moment in the development. This milestone heralds an immersive experience packed with an impressive range of features designed to fulfil a multitude of customer requests. These encompass integrations such as simbrief, RAAS, an extensive array of failure scenarios, and comprehensive training modules, ensuring a remarkable enhancement in the simulation experience.

While you decide if you are going to give this add-on permission to land on your PCs, you can check our previously covered content developed by FlightFactor just here.

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