8.5.2020 – 19:25z

FlightFactor A320 updated to v1.0.4 (Open Beta) (XP)

FlightFactor, a developer for many aircraft for X-Plane, has updated their A320 to v1.0.4. They announced that on their Discord server. Users should be reminded that this update is in Open Beta. Bugs might still occur and should be reported to the developers. This update includes only fixes, there are no new features.

There were some issues with rendering the multi-monitor panels, they have been fixed. The intensity of takeoff and taxi lights has been increased. There was also a problem with the APU starting after a dual engine failure in-flight. That has been fixed too. A full list of fixes can be found below.


  • Different multi-monitor panels and render issues
  • Rudder trim stuck after -20deg
  • Render in OGL mode on X-Plane 11.50
  • AMU CAB light flash * ISIS position saving
  • Hiding panels by click on 2D and 3D cockpit panels
  • Increased takeoff and taxi lights intensity
  • APU start in flight after dual engine failure

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