FlightFactor B757&767 updated

FlightFactor today posted on their Twitter account information about new updates. These updates for FlightFactor Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 mainly fix the most common problems such as flaps position one indication and visual bugs.
These updates are small, but I personally recommend all users, who have these airplanes to update to the latest version via X-Updater, but remember, that these updates will only work on X-Plane 11.

FF B757 v. 2.3.14 Changelog:

  • fixed some marching ants
  • small fix for cabin alt logic

FF B767 v. 1.3.3. Changelog:

  • fixed the visual bug with lines on overhead
  • fixed flaps indication
  • small fix for cabin alt logic

You can buy these airplanes in the X-Plane.org store.

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